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  • What is Southern Screams?
    Southern Screams is Charleston's Premier Haunted House attraction, which specializes is immersive and intense walk-through experiences.
  • Where is Southern Screams Haunted House located?
    Southern Screams Haunted House is located at Holy City Brewing, which can be found in the Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston, SC. The address is 1021 Aragon Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405
  • When is the haunted house open?
    The nights of operation depend on the season. Please review our "Schedule" page to determine which nights we are open in September, October, and November. When you go to purchase tickets for a specific event night, you will select a time slot to arrive.
  • What age is recommended for guests?
    Southern Screams is an intense haunted house and is recommended for guests who have a tolerance for being scared, which can vary in age. Children under the age of 13 are not suggested, but it is up to the parent/guardian. Children 16 or younger should have an adult chaperone with them at the event.
  • What is the process for entering the haunted house once my group arrives at Holy City Brewing?
    Once you arrive to Holy City Brewing, you will check in with Southern Screams staff at the check-in tents - located within the brewery - where we will scan your ticket and check your I.D. (if you purchased a R.I.P or Get Buzzed Ticket). Once your ticket has been scanned, your group will be automatically added to a virtual line queue for the haunted house. During this time you are encouraged to grab a drink at the bar and hang out around Holy City Brewing. Once it's time for your group to enter the haunted house, you will receive a text message instructing you to head to the haunted house entrance. You will receive your drink/food ticket at the entrance of the haunted house to be redeemed after you walk through the haunted house.
  • Will the actors touch me?
    The actors will not ever intentionally touch you, and you should not touch them either.
  • What if it's raining or weather is bad?
    We may have to temporarily pause entrance into the haunted house to allow inclement weather to pass. If there is extended inclement weather, we will make the decision whether or not to remain open for that event night. We will share with guests on-site and via social media if the event is closing for the night. If an event night is canceled due to inclement weather, ticket holders will have an opportunity to transfer their ticket to a different event night.
  • Are strollers/baby carriages permitted?
    Strollers and baby carriages are not permitted in the haunted house.
  • Is the haunted house wheelchair accessible?
    Yes, although there are portions of the haunted house with uneven ground.
  • How long does it take to walk through the haunted house?
    The walkthrough experience will vary based on you/your group's speed as you experience the terrifying halls of the haunted house. The attraction is over 4,000 sq. ft and is comprised of many winding hallways and rooms for you to experience!
  • How does the walkthrough experience work?
    You will be grouped together in small groups - based on crowd size that night - to journey through the haunted house. If you arrive as a large group, your group will be split up to ensure the best experience possible. If you are alone or with a very small group, you may be grouped together with another group.
  • Is the haunted house scary?
    What kind of question is that? It's a haunted house!
  • What does a ticket for admission cost?
    The price of admission varies on the type of ticket, day of the week you plan on attending, and where your day falls within the overall season. Prices are available in real-time when you go to purchase tickets.
  • What does a R.I.P Access ticket include?
    A R.I.P Access ticket includes expedited entry into the haunted house along with a seasonal beer from Holy City Brewing created specifically for the event!
  • What does a Get Buzzed ticket include?
    The Get Buzzed Ticket includes expedited entry into the haunted house PLUS a burger and seasonal beer from Holy City Brewing PLUS a flash art tattoo from Stardust Tattoo in Park Circle
  • Are tickets available to be purchased on-site?
    We encourage that all tickets be purchased in advance through our online ticketing system. We cannot guarantee entrance if you wait and purchase tickets on-site, especially on peak nights. Guests can use their mobile device or computer/laptop to purchase tickets.
  • Do I need to buy my tickets in advance of arriving to the event?
    All tickets must be purchased through our ticketing system on the website via your mobile device or PC/laptop. It is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets before arriving on-site to expedite the process.
  • Why do I have to select a time slot when purchasing a ticket?
    Timed ticketing allows us to better balance guest flow and resources on any given event night. The time slot you select simply means you should arrive to the entrance of Holy City Brewing and check-in at some point during that time slot window. However, it does not guarantee entrance to the haunted house during that exact time slot based on crowd sizes.
  • If I am not able to use my ticket, can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately due to limited capacity and event nights, all tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.
  • Can a guest go through the haunted house more than once?
    If you would like to go through the haunted house more than once on a specific event night, the Fright All Night ticket is available for only $10, which allows you unlimited trips through the haunted house on that specific event night.
  • I purchased a ticket that includes a beer and/or food - when/where do I get it?
    You will be issued a beer and/or food ticket at the entrance of the haunted house. This ticket can be used after you walk through the haunted house by redeeming it with a bartender/server inside Holy City Brewing. These tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable and will not be replaced if lost/stolen. Anyone under 21 will receive a non-alcoholic beverage as a substitute for the beer.
  • What if I'm under 21 and buy a R.I.P/Get Buzzed ticket?
    You will receive a non-alcoholic drink from Holy City Brewing as a substitute for the beer.
  • What is the Scare with Care glow necklace?
    For an additional $5, we will provide you with a glow necklace to wear throughout the haunted house to let our Monsters know to take it a little easier on you! And you get to keep it!
  • What if I have a large group that I want to buy tickets for?
    If you are purchasing more than 10 tickets in a single transaction, use promo code GROUP to receive a discounted price.
  • I purchased a Get Buzzed ticket - when do I get my tattoo?
    You will schedule a time with Stardust Tattoo based on your/their availability. Please note that this date/time will probably not occur on the same night as the night you attend the haunted house.
  • What does a Fright All Night ticket add-on include?
    The Fright All Night ticket add-on allows you to go through the haunted house unlimited times on the night your ticket is for!
  • What does a Dare to Share Pass include?
    This ticket add-on pass allows you to use your recording device/phone to record your experience as you walkthrough the haunted house, FaceTime with a friend as you're going through, etc. Utilizing the light on your device is not permitted for the safety of other guests and actors.
  • Can I change the date/time I purchased my ticket for?
    You are able to modify the date/time of your ticket up to 2 hours before your scheduled time using the self-service option. Keep in mind that your desired date/time might not be available depending on the type of ticket you purchased and when you are trying to re-schedule your ticket for.
  • Are bags allowed in the haunted house?
    Bags of any kind are NOT allowed in the haunted house. Please plan to keep your purse, backpack, satchel, handbag, etc. in your vehicle while attending the event. You will not be allowed admission with a bag.
  • Is smoking allowed while I wait in line, or inside the haunted house?
    Smoking is not permitted inside or near the haunted house. Smoking is permitted in designated areas such as the outside courtyard and field spaces at Holy City Brewing.
  • Do I have to go through a security checkpoint?
    We have police and security on-site and may require you to go through a security checkpoint prior to entering the haunted house.
  • Can I wear a costume or theatrical mask inside the haunted house?
    For the safety and security of our guests, theatrical masks that cover any part of the face are not permitted to be worn while inside or waiting in line for the haunted house. Body costumes are not encouraged.
  • What are the general rules of the haunted house?
    No bags allowed inside the haunted house. Please secure in your vehicle before arriving to haunted house entrance. No alcohol permitted in the haunted house or haunted house line queue area Do not touch actors/staff ever – this is considered assault Do not touch the set or props. You will be held liable for any/all damages. Do not enter our attraction or proceed onto our property if you are intoxicated Do not tease, verbally assault, or swear at actors/staff No running through the attraction No weapons of any kind allowed No smoking, vaping, or open flames No stopping or slowing down within the attraction – continue moving forward No animals or pets allowed No cameras, flash photography, light-emitting devices, video or live streaming while inside the attraction
  • Are pets or animals allowed inside the haunted house?
    For the safety of our guests and team, pets and/or animals are not permitted inside the haunted house. Service Animals are permitted, but due to the intense and startling nature of a haunted house attraction, they are not encouraged.
  • Is there parking available?
    Yes there is parking on-site, and plenty of parking in the Park Circle neighborhood if the main lots become full.
  • Is parking free?
    Yes! Parking on-site and on the surrounding streets is completely free.
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